Monday, 28 February 2011


I had a little beauty afternoon this weekend & one of the treatments that I eventually got round to having done was Jessica's gel nails also know as GELeration. This is an exciting, brand new, soft gel system which allows you to experience wonderful manicure techniques with amazing long lasting colour.

I love having my nails kept neat & painted I think it makes you look clean & people can tell a lot from your hands. I remember being in my first year of University & reading a copy of Vogue an there was a quote in there from the editor saying that you can pop to the shops with no make up on & in your oldest tracksuit but if you have a manicure & your nails are done it makes a complete difference to how you are perceived by people, something that has always stuck with me.

My GELeration -Dynamic
A bonus about GELeration is that they are easy to soak off and will preserve the natural nail underneath, something that has always put me of having anything done to my nails before is that they will weaken my own nails, but Jessica have put an end to that & it makes such a difference. My GELeration treatment began with cuticle work, tiding of the nails, application of gel finished with cuticle oil and hand massage which was lovely. Jessica have launched a variety of different colours for you to choose from & good thing is come Spring a new line of pastel  bright colour is getting launched.  I decided I wanted a red colour so I opted to go for Dynamic which I love especially with us gradually getting closer to Spring it is a happy & bright colour to look at each day.

GELeration's gel formula delivers a long lasting (hopefully 3 weeks,) flawless finish that's dry in seconds with the help of a little heater you have to put your hand in after each coat and protects the natural nail. The good news as well is that you can also have this treatment on your toes, so come summer you can wear your sandal's without having to give your toes a quick paint. All round then I have to say so far I am very pleased with my GELeration manicure & come summer will be trying the new colours out.

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