Monday, 28 February 2011

Jewel Mint

Fancy treating yourself to something unique & picked out especially for you each month well Jewel Mint does all of that for you. Kate Bosworth & her stylist Cher Coulter are the brains behind this charming jewelery company that so many people are falling in love with. Each month a new selection of jewelry is carefully chosen for you to pick from, once you have carefully decided which one you love (in most cases there may be more than one.) For $29.99 you choose one unique piece and get it shipped directly to your home.
So here's the deal...

Jewel Mint 
You take a quiz when you first sign up to better understand your type of style, the whole profile takes about 5 minutes as it asks you 10 questions from which colours you like, to which outfit would you select for a red carpet debut. After you complete a style profile you are then shown some of Jewel Mints pieces that suit your style best. You have a range of numerous necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings to choose from. If you are not that keen on some of the pieces chosen for you then you can click on the 'show me more' button & it shows you more options . You can then click on the ones you like & then next month & then next month when they suggest you new pieces they might choose better pieces that's more like your style.
After this you will see several pieces in your showroom.

Jewel Mint 
My favourite part of the website is that when you click on a piece they have different ways on which you can wear your piece or occasions that are perfect to wear your jewelery piece to. So go and checkout the website take the interactive profile test & see if there are any pieces that you want to have in your jewelery box.

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