Monday, 11 October 2010

A bit of Eat, Pray, French & Pilates

I haven't made a post in the last couple of weeks but things have been pretty hectic at the minute and there are quite a few things that I want to blog about that I don't even know where to begin, so I'm just go to say it all in this one post so bare with me.

Lately I have really wanted to learn French again, I don't know why because in school I absolutely hated it, i mean i used to dread going to classes but I'm suddenly desperate to learn it again. Usually once I've got an idea in my head that's it, i wanted to do whatever it is straight away so I've already been out and bought some books and enrolled on night classes in January! I know its most probably going to take me ages to speak it but as cliche as this sounds I've got this image in my head of being in Paris and speaking French as if I've being doing this for years. I was in Paris last summer with my boyfriend for a week and completely fell in love with the place, the buildings, shops, museums, macaroons, cafes, everything about it. Were going back next summer and I can't wait, hopefully by then I will have mastered the basics.

I'm reading Eat, Pray & Love at the moment and normally I am a really quick reader however with this book it seems to be taking me quite a while. I don't think i would have normally picked this book, as much as I've got quite a mixed taste in books this one I doubt i would have bought, but seeing the movie trailer made me want to read it before i see the film. When films come out that I want to see i usually want to read the book before hand as they tend to make so many changes, also I have a bad habit of only wanting to read the original copies so i hate books with the film promotion pictures as the front cover. To me it reads more as an autobiography which I'm not a huge fan of but in another way it draws you in that bit more, as I loved hearing about her living in Rome on her own for 4 months, conquering the language and doing whatever she felt like doing. ( I think this might be a slight reason why I'm so desperate to learn French again.)

Pilate's for some reason is something else that I want to start at the moment. I don't know why I'm so keen, I did a Yoga class once and afterwards I had a dreadful headache I think I had to lye down for an hour or something. That is why I'm steering more towards Pilate's and not Yoga plus I've done my research and Pilate's seems to more what I am looking for. Surprisingly though I could not believe how few classes there were in Liverpool honestly there are about 4 teachers within Liverpool! I thought I'd be able to turn up to my gym and be able to pick a class but obviously not I've got to go on a waiting list! A waiting list for Pilates classes I cant believe it, it must be like the new 'it' Chanel or Hermes handbag, you've got to join the list to become a part of that new club.

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