Sunday, 31 October 2010

An Unusual Halloween

A Paranormal Investigation is not something that you do everyday but with it being Halloween it seemed the perfect occasion to do so! My friend received free tickets through work to go and explore underneath Liverpool Lime Street and see what we could find. To be honest we were both quite clueless going in to it, we both had some image of the tacky most haunted shows that you see on tv &  we weren't that far off to be honest. 
The location was quite amazing considering we live in Liverpool its surprising how little we know, we went right underneath Lime Street to an old derelict street that was still in quite remarkable condition, you could make out old shop windows & doorways. I wish I could give you a bit more history on it but to be honest I think the people who were running it didn't know any of the history.
As we were quite clueless on what to expect there were some people there who were completely prepared for the investigation, however we were all slightly disappointed at the lack of activity that took place. After two an a half hours and not hearing anything we were starting to think of excuses for us to leave, however when the talk turned to the ouija board that was the perfect time for us to make our exit. It was a shame really as the location was perfect it was just a shame about the lack of history & of course  lack of communication. 

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