Thursday, 23 September 2010

Some New Little Finds

Last weekend was a good one for me, nothing completely out the ordinary happened but as corny as it sounds on Sunday it felt like a weekend that hadn't been wasted and few new little discoveries had been made.

On Saturday morning I found myself in the Village of Oxton having never been here before I completely fell in love with the place, in a way it reminded me of the village from the film The Holiday, which just happens to be one of my favourites. Not in the most ideal weather of pouring down rain I had a wonder around the village exploring the quaint little shops, the first one I paid a visit to was called 'Le Jardin.'

Obviously by the name the main purpose of the shop was antique garden accessories however they also sold feminine household furniture in the style of french chateau. Which along with the brightly coloured flowers plotted about in tin watering cans is what made the shop so appealing. I found myself walking around the shop picking up a few little items, a few times thinking to myself to remember how I got here so when I eventually have a house I can come pack and maybe purchase the dining table and a few other little odds and sods. 

Passing various traditional shops along the high street along, a teashop called 'Tea For Two' with odd cups and saucers and homemade cakes which I'm definitely going to visit next time. There was also this one shop that was painted completely black with black shutters down and apparently its a fish restaurant that only opens on Friday & Saturdays as they get the fish fresh from Cornwall, the waiting list is 2 months. It was such a homely little village and I cant believe its only half an hour from where I live and I never even knew it existed!

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