Friday, 2 September 2011

September Loves ...

Summer is gradually fading away an Autumn is falling upon us, the slight warmth of Summer still lingers as the ink of the night sky gradually appears and as the seasons change, September brings about many new chapters.
New adventures are under way as school years begin, pencils are sharpened, blank notebooks are opened, uniforms are pressed , friendships are blossomed and made.
Autumn/Winter wardrobes are being re-modelled, chunky knits I simply love, Winter boots I look forward to breaking in, Jewel tones I can't wait to explore. Chanel metallic nail varnishes I can't wait to wear, perfecting the use of Mac 'Brave Red' lipstick an the eyeliner I have finally cracked. London Fashion Week sets the capital alive and opens our eyes to the creativity, talent and beauty that we will soon be gazing at in the editions of Vogue.
Recipe pages are book marked on homemade thick crusty breads, pipping hot chunky soups, apple & cinnamon cake. Stacks of books have been collated from the classics, to bestsellers ready to be discovered on the perfect Sunday afternoon with a cup of milky tea. X
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Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Aaahh! I am now very much looking forward to autumn! Have a wonderful weekend! x

KizzyDoll said...

I love's wonderful!! Have a great weekend x said...

Autumn is my favorite season - it's beautiful almost everywhere! A book on Sunday afternoon - what a treat!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mani said...

My favorite time of the year has to be winter.....autumn not so much :)


hugs and kisses by Mani.