Tuesday, 5 April 2011

YSL Documentary

I love watching fashion documentaries and have previously blogged about this. There is just something about the creativity and excitement of this art form that gets my pulse slightly racing and there was no exception when I discovered the 100 minute film of the French fashion legend, Yves Saint Laurent’s,  somber life story. 

Exploring his great love affair with businessman/life partner Pierre Berge. They were romantically involved for almost 20 years after meeting in 1958, and though Berge chose to move out of their shared home in Paris (he moved one block away) they remained daily companions until the end of Saint Laurent's life. After Saint Laurent died in 2008, BergĂ© decided to sell their incredible collection of artwork, furniture and objects in what became one of the greatest auctions in art history. The film juxtaposes BergĂ© telling the story of building their 50-year relationship at the same time it shows their collection being dismantled by appraisers, dealers and art movers.

“L’amour fou”/”Crazy Love” at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival entitles you to a front row seat to discover about the high’s and low’s of an elite culture experienced by the remarkable designer. Known for contributing trouser suits, car coats and the safari look to fashion but also about his battle with drugs, alcohol and depression that although is well publicised you will find that  "L'Amour Fou" provides intimate personal insight from the one who knew him best.
For you fashion fans you may not find it as lively as 'The September Issue' or as grand as 'Valentino: The Last Emperor' however overall this film is a must-see.

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