Thursday, 14 April 2011

Party Party Party

I love nothing better than a good family party an I never need an excuse to have one and really why should we need an excuse. But this weekend it is my baby brothers 21st birthday and it's a whole weekend of celebrations at our home that I am so excited for. Having large families on both my parents side and throw in some friends, its going to be a great party an fingers crossed the sun comes out to celebrate with us.

So all the jobs have been divided up and mine is decorations which I kind of made very clear was my area of experties! I want to do some homemade decorations so have been looking round for some inspiration and discovered some pictures to share with you all, hope you enjoy!

An if you have any ideas of decorations I could do, I would love your tips! X


Anonymous said...

Abigail, I agree-party's are just wonderful-and I love celebrating the birthday's of the people I love. You are going to have a wonderful time! You may also want to check out

They have a lot of great resources and ideas.

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment about the boys.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I have no idea why I was put the apostrophes where I did...sorry, I have a one year old running around me. ;)