Friday, 1 April 2011

April Loves ....

April is here which can only mean the clocks have gone back, the dark nights of Winter are starting to fade out and the longer Summer nights begin.

I love that in April everyone starts opening up their Spring/Summer wardrobe and it gradually starts making an appearance,  although we are not quite there  the signs are starting to show. Nail polish and lipsticks are turning from Winters pale palette to the bold block colours. April see people now sitting outside Cafe's and Restaurants catching any rays of sun they can, sunglasses are being taken out of their cases and making a return as a regular accessory. Holiday shopping begins, eyeing up potential purchases for that vacation. Daffodils as a permanent feature are scattered around my room, blogging or reading in the conservatory in the warmth of the sun and bike rides along the prom bringing colour to our cheeks. Fresh fruit salads, strawberries and cream become a regular dessert. Waking up in my fresh white linen and new cushions as the April sun makes its early morning appearance.


My Beautiful Life said...

I love your little tribute to April, especially your decorating with daffodils in your room. :)

Abigail's Place said...

Thanks so much for your comment!
I can't help but love flowers in the Spring I'd have them everywhere if I could :)

Glad that you like my name you may get to use it yourself. 1 day!

Abigail x