Monday, 28 March 2011

The Shirt

One of the key items in any girl's wardrobe should be a good blouse/shirt, its a classic that you can rely upon. With Spring now upon us designers have decided to perfect the basic shirt by focusing on updating this key look. Designers have restyled the shirt and they have delivered us a variety of different interpretations, so for what ever look you are trying to achieve or what ever body shape you are, there is something for everyone. With everything from feminine to masculine, minimalist, utilitarian and retro styles.  Fashion is becoming much simpler and basics like the shirt and blouse are items to keep in the wardrobe for a lifetime. As fashion continues to par down, a movement is on the rise of buying lifelong items that can be re-styled with each new season. The shirt is one of my favourite pieces especially now with so many variations, see below for some of my favourites.

The biggest trend in the shirt category this season is THE BUTTONED-UP SHIRT.  This style is classic with a twist, allowing for a range of stylistic approaches and Sandro (one of my favourite labels) have achieved this in the image below by adding a bow-tie. With the return to minimalism and utility, it is no surprise that this monastic look was on the mind of many designer’s this Spring.  
THE BOW BLOUSE returned to go along with Spring’s feminine mood. Designers have mostly styled  the bow blouse with trousers and shorts for a balance of a masculine/feminine pairing. This particular image below is one I have fallen in love with and is again from Sandro, unfortunately it is sold out on their online store. But just to give you an idea for this particular blouse they had it paired with a bright pink silk skirt that went with it perfectly. 

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featherfactor said...

Loving blouses for spring :) That Sandro pick is gorgeous.