Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sample Of Spring Shoes

It’s now time to get rid of those Winter boots and introduce that Summer footwear, preparing for Spring/Summer most of us are very likely to go on a huge shopping spree that invariably includes buying one more pair of footwear that we will later love to wear.An this season is not one to disappoint as designers have expanded their creative minds and supplied us with an array of fanciful foot ware for us all to lust over. Two of my favourites, the platform wedge and classic flats have made another appearance this year but as you will see below there is a refreshing take on the designs which has made me want them even more.

Platform wedges are hotter than ever this Spring/ Summer 2011 making them a hot trend once again as they were on full display at the catwalks of Prada and Marc Jacobs. Common designs have been added to platform to make them look even more stylish, there are modest wedges which are fantastic for everyday wear and very exquisite designs you would want to wear for a glamorous night out. Thanks to Prada you’ll also be seeing a lot of bright block colours purples, blues and greens whilst Chanel have been promoting pastels.

Flats in the past have generally been perceived as old fashioned and focused basically on the comfort, with most people choosing to wear fashionable heals even if they do cause crippling pain. However, the styles of flats in Spring/ Summer 2011 are very diverse: ballerina flats, oxford flats and sandals, etc. With their mixed collection flats have become more glamorous and attractive and this makes those more versatile, you can now pair them either with a cute dress or a stylish pair of jeans. 


My Beautiful Life said...

Those little flats are adorable! I'm so glad there are so many flats available these days that are cute.

P.S.-Thanks for having visited my blog.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

I am a person considered offensive to society, nineteenth century tell a thousand views, I visited your blog and I love, a hug from Reus Catalonia and many thanks for visiting my blog, you are a very brave person.

Thekla said...

wow love these shoes:)x