Friday, 4 February 2011

Turn Heads With The Latest Accessory

Styled in numerous ways and spotted on various fans, head gear is having its own special comeback this season. While headscarves add a dash of cool, headbands offer an eclectic lick of boho chic.
In my wardrobe I have a box full of various headbands & scarves, from pink an white headband that matched ny dresses when I was a baby to multi coloured silk scarves I used to wear with my hair tied up in a ponytail when I was 11, headbands that matched my school colours an as I'v got older I'v continued to expand my collection.

Primark Spring Summer 2011
 Silkbow headband by Susan Daniels

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl's Upper East Side teenage fashionista, has turned this style quirk into a trend. What makes them so wearable? The key is to place them at least an inch back from the hairline. "If you have bangs, sweep them in front to soften the look," says the show's hairstylist, Elizabeth Reilly-Davila. 
They can be worn with everything from retro dresses and faux fur to sleek leather .They're perfect for adding a hit of colour and quirky edge to you look.
So experiment now and get ahead with next season's trend…

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