Sunday, 28 November 2010

Parisian Stylish Sugar

Colourful sweet cakes that are crispy on the outside and soft and sweet in the middle, pretty & delicately packed in keep sake boxes Macaroons are one of my favourite discoveries from Paris. 
If I am being honest  had never tasted or even exactly knew the sugary details of a macaroon until I read the 'Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon which is one of my favourite books and one that always ends up in my suitcase. The guide has 2 whole pages dedicated to macaroons (so I knew they had to be something special) explaining the unusual flavours and scents they create. The bright colours they come in that make your eyes pop open when deciding which ones to pick and the finishing touch of the tissue papered, beautifully detailed boxes they come in that make you never want to open them and spoil what inside. 

Laduree is the well established luxury cake an pastries in Paris that specialises in Macaroons, selling thousands each day but sometime getting a bit over crowded with tourists who have been told to visit there for the best macaroons. Pierre Hermes is a worthy competitor for the making the best macaroons & where I purchased my first box of macaroons when in Paris. Located on Rue de Cambon we had just come out of Chanel and where heading towards the Louvre when I notice the Pierre Hermes shop on the other side of the quite street. I was so excited at having unexpectedly found it that I gave out a little shout of excitement. Picking which macaroons to get is one of the exciting parts as there are so many flavours that you don't even know where to begin. I remember savouring each bite and after each flavour giving it a score on what we thought of it!  With macaroons being an established Parisian sweet it was inevitable that they would collaborate with an equally famous designer John Galliano. He together with Laduree was inspired by the rose and ginger scents of his new romantic perfume that they created the exact same macaroon. Romanticism is apparent in the romantic vintage theme of the box with his noticeable signature scrawled across the front. I suppose to some macaroons may just seem a regular sweet but there is so much more hidden beneath the scented layers and each time they are so much sweeter and perfectly formed then you last remember, that you can't help but enjoy buying a box of macaroons maybe even more enjoyable if your lucky to be in Paris as well. 

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