Monday, 29 November 2010

Forever 21

In last weekend paper's there was photographs of Amber Le Bon walking around Rome where she had just signed a contract to be the new face of Forever 21. I had never heard of Forever 21 only what they mentioned in the article that it was an American fashion retail chain that had just opened it's first UK store. Then this week in work one of the sales guys had been over to Dublin and was telling me about a new store that had opened that day & he thought I would like it, it happened to be Forever 21. 

Unfortunately at the moment they have only opened a store in Birmingham but hopefully they will expand opening one in Westfield in London and maybe even one in the North West? Having viewed their website it seems to be a mix between Topshop and Urban Outfitter, their one possible advantage is that Forever 21 is known in the industry for its knack for spotting what sells -- or what will sell. Getting it into stores quickly and replenishing merchandise to keep up with what's hot. Literally, you'll see something on a runway, and they get it into the stores in the next month. Can't argue with that I suppose, who doesn't want the runway look for a fifth of the price, just hurry up and get one to us in Liverpool.

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