Sunday, 2 October 2011

October Loves...

Autumn is officially in the air as the dark nights that I love have started to reappear, with the crispness that makes it slightly more difficult in the mornings to get out of the cosy warmth of Winter quilts piled on the bed. Being a particular favourite month of mine what other way to enjoy in than to celebrate what it offers. 

Weekend walks are enjoyed with jumping into piles of freshly fallen Autumn, conkers are collected and made into prized possessions. Cashmere sweaters are a piece of luxury worn with love as Autumn weather sets in, Miu Miu glitter pumps add sparkle for a date night and the fur-hooded parka is simply perfect. The smell of home baked apple pie, carrot cake and experimenting with Autumn ingredients of pumpkin with cinnamon for muffins. The word Christmas is already being mentioned, really is it that time already...I can't wait! Lazy Saturdays are spent with a bestie on a bike ride that gives us rosy cheeks or snuggling up in cosy armchairs with homemade soup. Stacks of maple syrup pancakes and pots of tea are served in hearty mugs to enjoy with a pile of fresh magazines and newspapers on a Sunday morning. 


Marie said...

Fall is a great month, and I love your beautiful description of how to enjoy it :)
xx Marie

Gild and Grace said...

How lovely Abigail, such a nice description :) funny that here we are mid spring and no doubt headed for a hot Aussie summer!