Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Last week I had a lovely day off work an after a killer session in the gym I had a lovely fresh fruit salad an yoghurt that was perfect for Summer. Over the weekend my mum treated us to her gorgeous panckaes (I have choc chips & maple syrup!) It got me thinking about how we all start are day, are you a coffee and go kind of girl or the relax and enjoy the start of your day kinda person? Here are some delicious images that I would have any morning! Enjoy x


annie said...

It's breakfast time here in California and I would be happy with those eggs and toast on your first pic. What a great idea to cut the toast in strips. Your moms pancakes sound pretty delicious too!

Lily said...

Yummy !! It all looks so good.


Marie said...

I never find the time to eat a good relaxing breakfast before work, I just grab something on my way out. I wish I did take the time to sit down and eat a decent meal. That is the best way to start the day! Maybe I should try to do that from now on :)

xx Marie

Jacquelyn said...

OMG those pictures are making me hungry!!!! I usually just eat yogurt or cereal in the morning. But on vacation my biggest indulgence in breakfast!!! I love going away and eating big breakfasts of pancakes and bacon & everything bad for you!!

xo Jackie

Swirls of Happy said...


Jessie said...

Love the first image with eggs and toast! I usually have cereal with soy milk for brunch. I skipped breakfast even though I wake up before 8am everyday! My ideal breakfast would be eggs, hams, slices of bacon and bake beans on the side. Yummy!


Marella said...

Soooo yummy! Great blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Linh @ La-La Linh said...

I have Starbucks 2-3 times a week. I think it's more of a "routine" than anything else. Plus, I like going to check out what people are wearing. I know...so sad. LOL I have a bowl of cereal or I'll make an egg mcmuffin for breakfast. YUM! Speaking about all this food is making me hungry.

Claudia Lane said...

I love breakfast - fav meal of the day - all your images look so good, I'd be happy with any of them but I must admit, for me it's hard to say no to waffles (love them as a treat on the w/end or special occasion, with strawberries of course!)
Claudia xo

Bonnie said...

Ohhhhh, don't tempt me with this fruity goodness. I am such a fruit whore. It isn't even funny.

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