Monday, 6 June 2011

Music Monday

This morning on the way to work, which is never a pleasent journey first thing on a Monday morning I had the radio on as usual and they played the new Coldplay song. I am a fan of Coldplay they are clearly a talented band and have some great songs so I was excited to see what it was like and I  LOVED it! I had it on full blast it was so good and got me all cheered up an ready for work it was the perfect pick me up. Then later in the day whilst on the internet I discovered that the new video for one of my favourite bands Kings of Leon had just been released an again its love! So enjoy my 3 favourite songs at the minute and let me know whats your pick me up song at the minute X


Claudia Lane said...

I love coldplay too and hadn't heard the new song yet...thanks for posting it!
Hope you have a nice day and that work is not too bad
Claudia xo

Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

I love love love that Kings of Leon song! Didn't even know there was a music video for it yet, thanks for sharing!

Swirls of Happy said...

You and I def have the same taste in music!!!!!! Kings of Leon and of course Coldplay are two of my all time favs!!!!

Abigail's Place said...

So glad you ladies enjoyed the videos as much as me!
Thanks for your lovely comments!

Abigail x

Abigail's Place said...
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