Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sparkly Glitter

Who doesn't love something that's eye catching, sparkly, glamorous and fun! Some people may see it as a bit over the top but I love a little shimmer of glitter. Whether its statement eye make-up, arts n craft or a stunning piece of clothing it can make an impact x 

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Swirls of Happy said...

Oh hello!!! I love glitter (not the movie)! Great post...these images made me so happy and swoon. Xo

scsd said...

disco ball shoes are GORGEOUS!

blair @ scsd

Marie said...

Everyone should have a little more glitter in their everyday life :)
Thanks for following me, I´m following you back now! You have a great blog!
xx Marie

My Beautiful Life said...

What a pretty post, Abigail. I love glitter on anything! Do you have lots of glittery stuff?

p.s. Thanks for the kind words. I wish I had made it longer. Next time...


Looms, Lids, and layers said...

LOve the glitter and glam! I need some glitter something!! LOL! Maybe some nails!

Jennifer Rod said...

sweetness! love most of these... those dresses, those flats. beautiful.

Emilie said...

eeehm.... one of everything please!! Haha I am a girly girl in that matter, I love everything that shines :D Nice post :)



Mirror of Fashion said...

Every girl deserves a bit of glitter from time to time!

Abigail's Place said...

Your all glitter lovers too!
I think I would love a glitter clutch.
Thanks for all your comments.

Abigail x

Syrious said...

love the studs one!!
i want it!!!
follow each other? :)
sweet italian kisses

Syriously in Fashion

Linh said...

Holy goodness...that sequins long gown is amazing! I love sequins but I can only wear it for special occasions. Otherwise, the Husbands laughs at me.