Monday, 23 May 2011

Bit Of Inspiration

              Who doesn't love a bit of inspiration to get them through each day. I find pin/inspiration boards are perfect to share photos, wrapping paper, birthday cards, notes whatever you want that means something to you. In my room at University i had my own mini inspiration board around my mirror and I loved it! I had cinema an concert tickets, postcards from my holidays, images wripped out of magazines that i loved, photos of friends and family an it was lovely to look at for a pick me up. When leaving University i packed them together and they are now in my memory box wrapped in ribbon. Its refreshing to keep changing your inspiration board, so what do you pin on yours?


Monika Dawidowicz said...

I thikn I should start making such boards and then collect my previous inspirations.

Thanks for inspiring me for that :)


Monika Dawidowicz

sherri lynn said...

love the one with the forks, and that last one is my favorite!

Anya adores said...

These boards are awesome - LOVE the big M that's just FAB.
A xx

Abigail's Place said...

thanks for all your lovely comments, glad you all like the pictures there is too many lovely ones to have a favourite but love the simplicity of the last one but the the colour of the second to last one!

Hopefully give us all a bit of motivation X