Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Girl Crush

She is so stylish, so clever, so beautiful so yes I think that is what you would call a 'girl crush' for Ashley Olsen. I loved the Olsen twins from their early TV shows but over the past couple of years I have loved watching them established themselves in the fashion industry. Particularly keeping an eye out for what gorgeous outfits Ashely is spotted in. She is the designer lover of the sisters but also manages to mix it up with some vintage timeless pieces. Her style just seems to be so effortless and classic at the same time, if only she could bottle it up for us. 



Miss Walker said...

I love the Olsen twins. Recently bought their book, Influence, check it out for the style inspiration alone! Miss Walker xoxo

Claudia Lane said...

Yes I like her style too...great post

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment :))

Have a great day

Linh said...

Wow she looks amazing in that long ivory gown. Still can't believe she is all grown up...makes me feel old. She is SUCH a fashionista!

Polyvorina said...

Crazy! I am watching Full House RIGHT NOW. :) Love them and they've aged so well, unlike too many other child actors. These are great images of them now.

Abigail's Place said...

I have their book 'Influence' Miss Walker and isn't is a great book!
If you want to learn more about them and get to understand their style and the designers they associate with then read this!

Thanks for all your lovely comments!

Abigail x