Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Special Purchase

For some time now, the ‘it’ bag has been made redundant – it’s no longer cool to make a statement with a straight-off-the-runway designer piece, apparently. Well, that was until Mulberry created a little bag called the Alexa for Spring/Summer 2010 that’s sort of thrown a spanner in the ‘it’ bag works.

So how come this new 'it' bag captured our attention and launched itself to be one of Mulberry's biggest sellers, one possible reason for this is that people were starting to consider investment buys. Purchasing items that they knew might make a deeper hole in their skinny jeans but that they knew they could pull off season after season. Fast, throw-away fashion wasn’t actually saving anyone any money so long-term purchases made sense; they satisfied our penchant for an instant buy but became keep-forever pieces, too.

Mulberry- Oversized Alexa

Investment purchases that I agree with 100%, as I have already mentioned on previous posts handbags are my biggest weakness however I so think that I am sensible with my purchases (well most of the time.) Being lucky enough to own two Chanel bags the next bag on my list was as you might have guessed the oversized Alexa. After months of going back on forth on my decision and talking about buying this bag (Alexa is now a part of our family,) I finally went for it an am now the proud owner of Alexa!

However I have a confession as Alexa was not the only Mulberry purchase I made this weekend. After a walk around the Mulberry shop my mum comes towards me with  yellow clutch and says why dont you buy one of these for these clutches for Summer? Already the clogs were going round in my head and I eventually decided upon the Neon Pink Charlie, see I told you I didn't need much persuassion when it came to investment purchases on handbags. So now I am the lucky owner of two Mulberry bags however although they are definetly investments I cant see me making another invstment quite so soon, but I will without a doubt be getting my wear from my two new purchases. 


Amy said...

I am obsessed with the alexa bag! Ahhh, so beautiful.

Natasha xoxo said...

...another one of my favorite bags!

xo, natasha
twenty-something blog

Style Souk said...

You lucky, lucky girl!

The Mulberry Alexa has been an obsession of mine for the longest time - and how lovely that your mum encouraged you to treat yourself.

Can she adopt me, ha ha... ;0)

Sarah x

P.S: You have such a beautiful blog, by the way!