Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Cushion Decor

I redecorated my bedroom just before Christmas and it was a push but everything finally came together just in time. But now that the main bulk has been complete there is just a few little things that I need to finish it off and cushions for my bed is one of them. My bed linen is all white (brave I know) however my headboard is grey/silver velvet, so I am looking for a mix of white,silver & grey coloured cushions to make my bed that bit more decorative. I have been searching the internet for anything that catches my eye and I don't mind shipping in some items so below are a few items I've found.

Nothing that I have found has been exactly what I am looking for and to be honest I don't even think I know myself what I want, but I do know that buying some random cushions and throwing them together is not going to get me what I want. The blank canvas of my bed has to have some carefully thought about cushion decor layered upon it, in order for me to achieve what I want in my room. My hunt continues and I will keep you updated and post pictures once discoveries have been made, in the meantime if you have any suggestions of websites to visit etc please let me know, love seeing how people would interpret this in their unique way.


Michelle Lee said...

love this post :) im now a follower
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ohyouprettythings said...

Those are beautiful!! :] Love your blog! :]

Amy said...

Love these pillows/poufs! Have you tried dknyhome.com? I just purchased a pillow from them and very pleased with the quality and there is always discount coupon codes.

Tona said...

love the second one!