Sunday, 13 March 2011

Once Upon A Fairytale

Who didn't love a good fairytale when they were a child, I loved them and still do today. As we all know fairy tales typically feature such folkloric characters as fairies, goblins, elves, giants or gnomes and as you can expect they tend to include a few magical enchantments. Whilst studying in my 3rd year of University one of the courses that I could select was once simply called 'Fairy Tales & Utopia' so I gave it a shot and decided to go for it and see exactly would be unravelled. I was quite apprehensive about the class as although this might sound childish I didn't want my fondness and childhood memories tarnished about what I was to discover. 

I discovered that  is a great treasure to know and reveal which tales from our childhood have a hold on us,  people identify with certain characters in the stories they heard in childhood. To some degree, many live out these stories, largely unaware of how much the old tales may be shaping our lives however the challenge for most a large majority of us is to start writing and living our own tale. 

Angela Carter- Book of Fairy Tales
Angela Carter was a highly talked abuout figure in my'Fairy Tales & Utopia' class, she is one of the most original, radical and stylish fiction writers of the 20th century. She delighted readers with her fierce, witty and jaunty tales, short stories, novels and essays, Carter was strongly influenced by surrealism especially by the Situationist cultural activism of the 1960s. Angela Carter's playful retelling of fairy tales mixed together with her witty feminism won her legions of fans

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Dora Cruceru said...

I loved this post.I still remember when my dad used to read Snow White to me as a child :)I'd love it if you wanted to follow each other.Let me know :)