Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lady A

Lady Antebellum had outstanding success at this year Grammy's taking home a total of six awards including Best Country Album of the Year & Song of the Year for 'Here & Now.' The band released their debut album in 2008 & it achieved the very rare freshman feat to debut at No. 1 in the US. Less than two years after the trio's debut first hit stores, Lady Antebellum follow up with Need You Now.

After being introduced to the band at the Grammy's I was quickly on Itunes listening to all 13 tracks of their album and confess I purchased the album after loving all of the songs,  usually on a album there is 1 or 2 tracks that you skip but that is not the case on this album. 

                                                       Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

Country music has always has been about the collision between contemporary life and the old ways. What's most interesting about "Need You Now,"  is the album's focus on the theme: regret. This young band is making some old-soul music, dressed up in the latest fashions.
The album's title song is possibly the most romantic song ever written about a drunken booty call. Singing about the draw of an old beau on a lonely night, lead singer Hillary Scott is emotional but not too dramatic. Answering her, co singer  Charles Kelley sounds more old-fashioned as he croaks along in soulful was to the lyrics. The song's effective arrangement -- Lady A, as the trio is known, co-wrote this track and most of the others here. 
To date the group have not been as successful at breaking the UK as they have America, with the single 'Here & Now only reaching No21. It is surprising considering that fellow Country star Taylor Swift has had  huge success. Although us Brits are not the biggest fans of Country & Western so maybe Lady A's openly honest lyrics just don't make he same connection with its British audience, but hopefully with their Grammy success we may start paying more attention to this talented band. 

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