Monday, 17 January 2011

Weaknesses..... What is Yours?

 Everyone has a weakness whether it is fast cars, chocolate, expensive wine, shoes and well mine is.... Handbags.

I personally think my weakness for handbags was installed into me at a young age by my mum. Every Christmas one of my presents was a handbag an I'm lucky that my mum has such good taste. At 9 I had a DKNY bumper bag which I thought was so cool oh god I cringe, at 11 I had a white floral canvas Chanel bag I don't think I even knew what Chanel was at that age & at 13 it was a bright orange Ralph Lauren bag that clashed with every outfit I had but I didn't care I loved it.
As I got older Chanel slightly became my bag God if I can call it that. The classic black Chanel 2.55 I seen as a wise investment, I knew I would still be using it when I was 80 so when I was lucky enough to receive it wrapped up in its black box and crisp white ribbon Christmas morning I knew it was meant to be. When I last visited Paris and Chanel's flagship store on Rue du Homme was around the corner from our hotel I knew out of all the Cities I had to make my very own Chanel purchase whilst in Paris.

Mulberry Alexa Bag- Watermelon

Mulberry Alexa Bag- Pink Trippy

Every season high fashion magazines advertise the new 'IT' bag. You cannot fault them an they are designed beautifully hwever they don't stay around for long an I see it as an awful lot of money to pay on a bag that is going to be overshadowed by another design the next season.
Therefore my eyes have fallen upon a new love, the Mulburry oversized 'Alexa.' I have been eyeing it up for the past couple of months trying to decide as much as I love it,  is it a classic investment. An Elle magazine have put my mind at ease and my heart racing with their fantastic news!

         'Mulberry Alexa Bag has cemented itself as a style classic.' 

I therefore think that it is safe to say that my mind is made up (I know I am easily persuaded) I need no further encouragement. Mulberry's profits have tripled due to the high demands for this piece therefore they have brought it out in 2 new pieces, Watermelon and Pink Trippy. I think I'll be keeping it safe and sticking with my first choice of Oak Soft Buffalo aka brown.

Nevertheless with weaknesses you have to indulge every once in a while, some indulgences are obviously more expensive then others, but one I hopefully will be making soon.
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