Sunday, 9 January 2011


Making Resolutions is something that everyone associates with New Year therefore with the start of 2011, I wanted to give some more thought to my own resolutions so I did a bit of research.

In Music,"The Resolution" was the first single from American alternative rock band Jack's Mannequin's second studio album, The Glass Passenger. It reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart.

In Geography, Resolution Island can be found in the Arctic region of Canada.

In Fiction,Resolution is a 2008 novel by Robert B. Parker.

The most popular New Year's Resolutins are to loose weight, get organised or to do something new. When I asked one of my best friends what his resolution were going to be his reply was not really what I was expecting. He said he was going to start drinking gin & tonic, start watching cultured films, be more adventurous in his work & to work on a party trick should he ever need one. When he told me I couldn't help but laugh, it was so against the norm and unique to him that I thought how could he not keep to them for the year. Therefore I decided to take some inspiration from him and make my resolutions a bit more tailored to me an I suppose by making them public I'll have to stick to them.

1. Starting this Blog last August I couldn't wait to get started but if I am being honest I haven't been posting and updating it as much as I wanted to. I love having it and recording everything that I do & find, so I am going to commit to it more and hopefully we will become inseparable, well almost.
2. I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to enrol on a French speaking course, I love paris it is most probably my favourite city so I would love to visit the city and have some language skill.
3. Visit Countries & Cities that I have never been to. I love exploring new places I enjoy doing research before I go to find the best restaurant/cafe to visit, which shops I want to visit for unusual purchases so I plan on visiting some new places this year.
4. In the past year I've improved my fitness levels vastly so on the 27th March, fingers crossed I will be running the Liverpool 1/2 Marathon. It is daunting to say the least but hopefully I'll be ready, and with the help of a upbeat playlist on my Ipod & some new trainers I'll accomplish it.

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